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Some pics from our workshop

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The Delano pickup covers are an essential part of the pickup construction. Our injection moulds are high precision engineered to fulfill our requirements.
Before production, every pickup shell passes a sampling process to check parameters like wall thickness and surface.
Our wire stock rack contains standard vintage gauges just as lots of custom made gauges for the special use on our pickups
Sabine Jedamzik programs the cnc bobbin routing machine
The bobbin routing process
Taking of the routed bobbins
Back to office. Besides being present the work-shop, Sabine Jedamzik handles all the office work.
Looks easier than it is: A perfect pressure grouting requires a correct press-in force.
Custom tools are required for centering polepieces.
Reinhard Jedamzik in his custom shop laboratory. This is the place, where all custom and pre-series pickups are developed and all winding parameters are set.
Scatter winding a 70th JB™ pickup.
This vintage pickup is ready to rock for the next 40 years.
Copper foil stripes for a proper pickup shielding
Preparing a bobbin for the winding process on one of our winding machines.
After winding, the pickup is magnetized through magnetizing coils.
The magnetizing procedure is controlled in strength and duration.
The Delano SONAR electronics are completely equipped and soldered by hand. During this work every circuit board will be checked several times for its electrical integrity.
Reinhard Jedamzik makes a final check at a 4string TheHybrid pickup.
<b>Out now:</b><br/>The Delano Sonar Xpure buffer/preamp with integrated powermangament and voltage distribution

Out now:
The Delano Sonar Xpure buffer/preamp with integrated powermangament and voltage distribution