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SBC Series

string type: 4 5 6 7

SBC 4 HE/S-4


SBC 4 HE/S Specifications:
dual coil humbucker
sensing area (mm): 62.00

Also available as
replacement-pickup in
EMG® 35 soapbar shape
download file
download file

DELANO SBC series bass pickups are dual or quad-coil highend electric bass humbuckers in the classic bass soapbar shapes, available for four, five, six and seven- string basses. They represent the leading edge in dedicated bass transducer technology. Unbelievably full and open sound throughout the entire spectrum with tight bottom, airy midrange and heavenly harmonics unrivalled by ANY other bass pickup. Finally your bass CAN sound like it should. Available as individual units or in perfectly matched pairs.

The DELANO SBC4 HE/S was developed to overcome many of the obstacles normally associated with most of the proven dual coil bass humbucking designs. We killed the nasal muddiness, broadened the spectrum and enhanced even order harmonics. How we did it? We simply listened. Because we love to listen. To the music, the players, into the hearts of the instruments. Listen to catch every subtle detail. Hear what is there. Understand what is missing. Think we found it. It is the air. So we put it inside. Finally there is a bass pickup that perfectly blends the fullbodied warmth of a humbucker and the airy openness of the best vintage single coils with crystal clear top end definition into pure luxurious bass tone.

dual coil humbucker
Please combine only pickups which are labeled with same icons (f.e. + or +).
Custom string spacings on request.

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<b>Out now:</b><br/>The Delano Sonar Xpure buffer/preamp with integrated powermangament and voltage distribution

Out now:
The Delano Sonar Xpure buffer/preamp with integrated powermangament and voltage distribution