split coil humbucker

  • PC 5 AL/H
    Due to technical reasons always combine pickups with identical icons
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  • This P-Bass® type pickup is specially engineered to pair up with our The Hybrid 5 pickup.

    The split coil P-Bass® pickup is the proven industry standard of electric bass transducers. Its basic design was not substantially altered visually, but tone-wise, the changes are definitely audible.
    Like our PC 5 AL/M2 this pickup is our tribute to lovers of classy vintage P-bass® tone on
    5-string basses that is paired up with our The Hybrid 5 pickup. We carefully morphed the great "oomph" and greasy swamp bottom, the late 50ies to early 60ies pickups are famous for into the grinding wire attitude of ´68 to´73 examples and then added a slight DELANO twist to enhance dynamics and articulation.

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